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House Consultancy

When a Home, Business or Land is in need of Healing

A lived experience growing up in a home with Spirit activity was what first brought the awareness to me of the Spirit world and to the energies that can occupy a home. We later moved next door to a nursing home which my Mother owned and at weekends if she was working or after school, I would go in there and listen to the stories of the residence and help with cups of tea and biscuits. After a while I became aware of something else...I was sensing when it was becoming close to a person's transition, and I felt even at that early age that I could somehow support them, I felt I was helping them moving on peacefully.

 I had no name for this at the time, but just that I had a belief I was helping and a sense of healing.... and so began my journey with Spirit. 

Growing up in the UK there was so much heritage and history to the architecture and surrounding lands, I was never short of opportunities to connect with Spirit, however as I matured my journey took me in some very interesting directions and I had hoped for a while away from Spirit.

Life has a very interesting way of returning you to purpose and the greater mission though and eventually after my great escape, some real dark night of the soul experiences, and an initiation of fire I was brought to my knees and eventually came back full circle though to a place of fully embracing the work I was obviously destined to do...or surrendering to it perhaps!! 

The lands of this great, mystical, magical and ancient country became my playground for exploring, learning and evolving on my Spiritual path and I was gifted an apprenticeship by, at that time two of the countries most respected people working within the field of Spirit Rescue, Entity Release and House Clearance. 

Over time I became very familiar in the language of Spirit Rescue, Sick Building Syndrome, Geographic Stress, Psychic Recording, Psychic Attack, Paranormal activity, and the symptoms of 

unexplained sickness within the home, and experiences such as a sense of being observed, children not sleeping or stating they see people in the rooms, a lack of energy or random hostility occurring with relationships to name just a few. All these issues are very real experiences...So this is a bit of a background on my story that I hope helps you to feel comfortable enough to share yours with me if you are seeking support in this area.

I have worked within this field of expertise for over 20 years, both in Australia and Internationally and have been a guest speaker regarding my story, experiences and unique cases that I have worked on shows such as "We Own the Night" and "Ghost Files", but also a regular speaker and presenter at Paranormal & UFO societies.

Due to the demands of my current schedule, I may be available to discuss your case, and upon assessment may need to refer this to one of my Team that I have trained in this area of Healing, based on capacity and location.

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