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Rebs Baijent (BA Hons)

Visionary & Psychic Arist, Holistic & Art Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Energy Medicine Practitioner & Facilitator within the areas of Psychic and Healing Arts

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About Rebs Baijent (BA Hons)

As a Sacred Soul Artist, Shamanic Healer, and Art Therapist, I have a unique background that has led me to where I am today. From an early age, I was aware of the world of spirit, but I was not eager to embrace this gift. I even visited Shamans in hopes of shutting down this ability. However, after a dramatic spiritual intervention, I was rerouted onto my destiny line. Now, I use my experiences to help others on their own journeys.

Formal Training facilitated via Universities & Registered Educational Training Institutes & Providers

BA Hons Degree Visual & Live Art with Media Communications
Health & Social Care Degree, Specialised in Addiction, Mental Health and Trauma Informed Practise, and a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer
Adult Education Teacher and Adult Learner Support

Shamanic Practitioner Training - Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing, Ancestral Healing, Shamanic Divination, Shamanic Psychopomp/ Deathworker, Clearing homes and land.
Seidr - Scandinavian Shamanism

Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Vibration Healer

Diploma in Integral Sound Healing, and Sound Healing with Drums and Rattles, Sound Healing with Voice.
Holistic Therapist, Counsellor,  Art Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Facilitator, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and other Advanced Body Work Diploma & Yin Yoga Teacher.

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