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Rebs is inspired by the mysterious, magical, and mythological, by the ancient civilizations that came before us, their cultures, spirituality, beliefs, wisdom teachings & practices and the role this also plays within the current time. Fascinated by the otherworldly  realms that exist within and around us, and the great beyond, the Star Nations and she draws upon such inspirations within her work.

Rebs works strongly within her art through the language of intuition, through colour, vibration, frequency and nature. She has the ability to be very fluid within her work inspired by the ever-shifting vibrations of our times. 


With a strong awareness to the world of spirit and those that are here to influence and inspire us and she is particularly interested by each individual's Journey of the Soul. On an artist platform she has worked for many years providing intuitive, oracular, & spiritual guidance through her Auragraph artworks and her Soul Journey Portraits. Rebs also exhibits and takes commissions for inspired, Visionary Art for those looking for something particularly special and will always provide the details of where she has intuitively drawn the inspiration from. Rebs is also able to provide you Artworks of your Spirit Guides and past and current connections you may have with them.


Rebs also works with individuals on the current journey and healing of the soul within this timeline. She is a shamanic & energy medicine practitioner, Holistic and Art Therapist, Spiritual Counsellor and Teacher. She is experienced within Soul loss/ fragmentation and Soul Retrieval, Spirit Rescue, Extraction & past life regression work. As a healer and spiritual Counsellor she also wraps around her clinical experience as a Trauma informed practitioner and crisis intervention trainer. In the past she was also involved with House and Land Healing and in some particular cases may still be open to assistance, but cases are now limited due to time restrictions. Rebs does however have a Team that she now delegates this work to.


Rebs' Story....

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Rebs was aware & intuitive as a child & her experiences stem back to an early age when she remembers with a clearness her fist contacts with spirit, witnessing her first supernatural experience, her struggles with trying to make sense of the world around her as she had knowledge of previous lifetimes & the first time she met one of her main spirit guides. She openly shares many a fascinating story within her workshops and classes and can also be heard within her interviews for radio and podcasts across various countries.

In 1999 Rebs completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Visual and Live Art and Media Communications, in the UK. It was during this time that Rebs really started to lean her focus towards the Spiritual & Intuitive Arts and the performance of Ritual and Ceremony. Upon finishing her degree, she advanced into the areas of energy medicine, also studying to become qualified as a Holistic Therapist, venturing then into Health and Social Care and Counselling soon after. Continuing also to be committed to sitting in Spiritual Development circles in the hope of bridging her worlds together.

Over the years that followed Rebs worked in various sectors professionally, to include Mental Health Units, Addiction Recovery Centers, Criminal and Anti-social Behaviors Rehabilitation Units,, taught within Adult Education Institutes, hospitals, and various other community and welfare sector enviroments,worked in frontline Trauma and Crisis Intervention, for which she became a trainer of for Government, Private and NGO sectors before eventually moving full time into Alternative, Spiritual Healing and Awareness Centers.

Behind the scenes of this career ran a parallel course of events. in which Rebs' passion pursuits with the support of her own Spiritual Teachers, Guides and Inspirers, she was emerging as a Spiritual Artist. She had been inspired in the creation of developing her own very unique style of Auragraphs and Soul Journey Portraits. She had ventured into the world of Alternative and Psychic Fairs, Wellbeing Expos, the Spiritualist Churches and Centers and it would be this path that would eventually lead the way...

Rebs was also committed to her work as a Healer initially volunteering, then apprenticing, and eventually managing at required times, within an incredibly in demand Healing Clinic in the UK. During this time, it was becoming very noticeable that she was being initiated into the area of Spirit Rescue and Release and she started to then attend House and Land Clearances with the owners and Teachers of that center. Before Rebs left the UK, she had started to facilitate her own Spiritual Classes, and was also running her own Spiritual Events. She carried the Events project forward when she moved to Australia in 2008, initially partnering in the co creation of Soul Vibe Events which she then took sole ownership of and rebranded into Soul Tribe Events for which she successfully ran until 2022.

Rebs has worked in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada & America. She has been a guest speaker for radio, TV, Podcasts, such as 'We Own the Night', 'Ghost Files', 'Where are We Now', interviewed for articles, presented for Paranormal and UFO societies and been in attendance at many events within the Body, Mind, Soul community, The Festival of Dreams, Boho Lux, The Afterlife Convention and MBS. 

Nowadays she predominantly works privately in the areas of Soul work - whether that is through her Spiritual Art or Energy Medicine, that could involve Soul Rescue or Spirit Rescue, Soul Retrieval, or Soul Guidance, Spiritual Crisis/Emergency or extraction work or whether this is through development work within one of her courses or workshops. Rebs still remains an avid part of the community and you can find her in attendance at events within the areas of Sydney, Canberra, the Highlands and the Illawarra South Coast.

Rebs Baijent is Visionary & Psychic Arist, Holistic & Art Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Energy Medicine Practitioner & Wayshower within the areas of Psychic and Healing Arts

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